Memories revisited


Remember the days when we were kids and that one thing which used to be the most amazing, craziest and colorful during spring time? Yes!!! Kite flying… Oh dear lord!! It creates a nostalgic feeling that brings back memories of childhood.

Today, I was so happy to see the mail from HR person in my company. She wrote that today (August 14) we are going to have kite flying competition. The thought of flying a kite brought a big smile to my face.

So, we did fly kites. I enjoyed the day and missed the old and golden days. Childhood was so much fun, right? Crazy time.

But I just hated the sun. It should have taken rest today.

Anyway, the day was awesome. On 15th of August, India’s Independence Day, kites flying is very popular in many parts of the country. Though, it is not necessary. Many people fly kites on Eid and on Basant Panchmi as well. And, it doesn’t matter when we do it, right? The thing which matters is we do it :D. I love the sky…the colorful sky.


When I was a kid, I used to be the one who would give kanni, because my brother and his friends were so cunning. And he never taught me. Idiot! But I just loved to be there, to be part of that game.

Although, I tried very hard and kept trying for many days. And finally, I learnt somehow and asked him one day to give kanni to my kite :).

And also, remember the competitions? It used to be much more fun to even watch others flying kites.

God!!! I just wish to be an angel sometimes and bring back that time. I hope that the God is listening to me (or reading this).

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Have You Seen Them?

Why most of the ghosts are so creepy in movies? Why my grandma never talked about such ghosts?

These were the thoughts that were boggling my mind last night after I watched “The Conjuring”, finally. Though, I am very sensitive and I DO, sometimes, scared of even little things like footsteps, door bells, air, rustle of the wind blowing through the leafs, phone-ring etc, still I like horror movies.


And while watching movies, I don’t scream when those scary scenes come or cover my eyes or something like that, which some of my friends do. When I was a kid, I used to feel dumb-founded and lost listening stories of ghosts.

I really have no intentions to hurt anyone by saying that I am not scared of those scenes. Actually, I believe in such stories as I my self experienced it once and I really feel sorry for the people or families who experience such things, like the family in The Conjuring movie.

When I was a kid, my grandma told me a lot of such stories, real ones. Really. I grew up in a small village. And it is said that peaceful places are home for ghosts. My village was so peaceful. My father, aunt, sisters, friends and other people I know have seen ghosts. Nowadays, these stories are rare. But yes, when I was little I heard a lot of stories.

I don’t know if someone would believe it or not, but according to my grandmother, my grandfather had “ghosts friends”. I was 1-year old when he passed away so I could not hear those stories from him. But, grandma and my father used to tell us umpteen number of stories about my grandfather and ghosts.


Wait wait wait… They were not in our house, like in the movies and were not the scary ones also. They, my grandfather and ghosts, used to meet in forests, in our farms, and only in nights.

I can’t deny it. Because, my father and my aunt had also seen them. And they (ghosts)  were so friendly, cool and had their own world. But they were so scared of fire and light. Grandma also told us that they look strange, some of them look too much strange, but they live just like us and want peace, darkness and loneliness.

My father told me once that when he first saw a ghost, he was coming back from somewhere in night. Then, he realized that someone is following him. When he looked back, there was no one. There was so much silence that he could listen to his own footsteps. Then he again looked back and this time there was a man, who soon turned into donkey and then a pig. My father was like shit!!! He ran and ran so deadly. And luckily, that thing, whatever it was, did not follow him.

He told this to my grandfather and he suggested that if he comes across anyone/anything like that he should not be afraid and just keep walking.

Like this, there were stories that my uncle used to tell us. He saw a ghost on tree and stopped going there alone. No one believed him. Then, my aunt saw the same woman ghost on the same tree. Later on, it was seen by many other people as well.

I believe they exist because I heard these stories from very reliable sources, mentioned above :).

Now, I don’t know what is the truth. I mean stories my grandma told me and stories in movies are totally different. Whatever, they (ghosts) should not hurt anyone. Nothing is gonna change whatever happened to them.

P.S.  I am writing all this just because I heard somewhere that ghosts can’t read or write. So, I just hope that is true and any ghost is not reading this post. If anyone of you knows that it is not true, I request you to let me know as soon as possible, so that I can remove this post. Pheewww.

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A letter to self-made people from my friend

Dear self-made friends,


I appreciate your endeavors to reach there and get what you ever dreamt of. You are among those few people who actually make impossible things possible and change the time. You are really amazing and wonderful.

You are an inspiration to me and many others and will always be. You are respected and will always be respected. Please accept my best wishes and regards.

But, I would like to make a request here. Please take it in positive spirit. I have seen many people who, after becoming successful, forget their past and become arrogant. I hope you are not like them.

I deem that you did not reach higher up there on your own. No offense, please.

There were so many people behind your success who directly or indirectly helped and pushed you towards that success. Please don’t forget them. Your parents, brothers, sisters, friends and every other person you came across.

Everyone, even who just said Hi to you, is a part of your success. Everything that happened to you bad or good was there for you, just to make sure that your dream or your existence becomes a realty for which you were born.

Everyone, including me and you, is part of this world machine. You and I did our respective jobs with the support of others. Always be thankful and grateful to them. Extend respect to everyone and everything and stay grounded.

Because, everyone, who hated you, loved you, criticized you, laughed at you and the ones who just looked at you, taught you something. Yes everyone. Everything and everyone made you strong and sometimes weak so that you reach there, where you want, successfully.

Sometimes, you felt gloomy as someone was so jealous of you, or hated you and just jumped at the chance to insult you. You felt so bad at that time. But look at the bright side. It was also a lesson for you which made you strong.

So, don’t hate them. Because, you were to come across a lot of people like them and it was needed to teach you how to handle them.

Thus, you should never ever forget anyone and anything that was there with you in your good and bad times. In fact, you should thank them for coming in your lives and making you lives so beautiful.

I hope you understand what I wanted to say. You are amazing, really.

And, please, these are my own thoughts. Don’t misunderstand me.



This was a letter written by my best friend Bhavana when we were in college. She always wanted to pass it on to someone “successful”. I just liked it and wanted to post it. 🙂

Just one, please



“No please, just one. We promise we will listen to it carefully and will not sleep,” Me and my brother said in unison.

Grandma: You both just go to bed. You have to wake up early tomorrow for school. Besides, I am not feeling well. I have terrible pain in legs.

Brother: So what (with a big naughty smile on his face), your legs have nothing to do with telling a story. Let them be as they are.

Grandma: Alright, I will tell you a story but you both have to listen carefully. You will have to cooperate. Keep humming so that I am convinced that you are listening with full interest and are not sleeping. You understand me? Because, when you don’t I get bored.

Me: OK..We will surely do that.

And that became a routine thing. Every other night, we literally had to beg for stories.

Believe me, she was just like a kid. She knew that we want a story but she all the time pretended as if she doesn’t know anything. She actually loved to do that.

And trust me or not, but she was such a marvelous story-teller I can’t tell you. Her memory was so sharp. She used to tell stories of her times. Stories that her parents told her. Stories that she heard from everyone or anyone in her childhood.

Stories about prince and princess, king and queen, bad time and good time, rich and poor, girl and boy, honesty, idiots, humanity and so on.

We learnt a lot from those stories. Still, when I am in any dilemma or just confused like what to do now, I think about those stories. And, many times, it really works for me.

There were few stories that she used to tell again and again. And every time, she narrated those stories with the equal passion and interest. It never felt like the story is repetitive or boring.

I still do not understand, how can you tell a story (which actually used to be a long story) in the same way, with no alterations? It never felt like that the story is boring, seriously. Well, that refreshing way of telling a story she had.

Now, I look at myself and feel sorry. I remember only a few. Many a times, I try to remember and usually fail to recall all of them. I just remember that time and it brings a big smile on my face.

Those were such innocent days and we were all so silly, happy and carefree. I miss them.

The Magical Time


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“A feeling of sadness and longing that is not akin to pain, and resembles sorrow only as the mist resembles the rain” BY- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It’s raining and I am in deep thoughts of the very first rain of my life. Yes, “the very first rain of my life”. First because that was the first rain I remember 😀 . Those few minutes of childhood are the most beautiful and magical moments of my life.

I miss that every time when it rains (especially when I am badly wanting to get drenched in the rain but somehow not able to). And of course, everyone, who loves rain (and come on who on the earth doesn’t like rain 😉 ) feels bad when it is raining outside and you are in the office ;( .

Oh dear God!! I HATE my job the most at that time.

I really don’t remember, how old I was. But, yes I was too little to remember things :). Me and my elder brother, we both were at our uncle’s place. And I do remember that I was wearing a blue frock, which was very beautiful, and was holding my brother’s hand :D. I never let him go away when I was a small kid.

He used to yell at me. “Stay here. I can not take you everywhere. Mamma, please. She does not let me play. Why I have to be with her all the time. Please let me go.” But, I always started crying whenever he tried to do that. I just didn’t let him do whatever he wanted. Crazy me :D. Mamma also always supported me. And ultimately, he ended up staying with me or taking me with him. Sometimes, I feel sorry, but with no doubt that bonding and love between us is unforgettable. Love you for that Bhai (brother).

Anyway, that day was too really awesome and cloudy, as far as I remember.

My brother and my cousins started tearing out papers from notebooks. I was totally clueless about everything they were doing. I asked my brother and he told me that they are making paper boats. Well, I did not know anything about boats (as I said I was too LITTLE). I asked what are they and what are you all making paper boats for. Well, he told me and taught me how to make paper-boats.

Then, we all kids sat outside the hall, at the main gate, and waited for the rain. And then, It happened. Our wish came true and it was raining heavily.

Now, there were lots of floating paper boats. We also had competition :D. Some boats sank and some floated away. It was the most (AND first) amazing thing of my life. May be that is the reason, I could remember that time. When I recall those few minutes I feel the happiest person. That was a magical time.

That was the starting, followed by singing my favorites songs in the rain EVERY TIME it rained. Seriously, every time. I love it more than anything.

I loved looking up and letting the rain drops falling on my face EVERY TIME. I loved to feel it. I loved that smell of mud after rain. It always drove me crazy, it still does. That sound of rain at night when everyone is asleep and it is raining outside, slowly and heavily…Touching it and feeling it. Oh dear Lord, that sound of rain at night used to keep me awake for too long and it was so relaxing.

Since then, I did that paper-boats making thing every year or to be precise every time it rained for a very long time. And, I think it is a usual thing for every kid. Everybody does that, making paper boats and float them in rain water,  except few ;), no offense please.

Rain really makes me feel alive. I love looking out of the window for hours when it rains. Today, I am looking at rain drops falling down and making bubbles and feeling terribly down, as I am in office :(.

Now that We are so … busy, I miss those few minutes of my life badly. I want to go there.. AGAIN!!!