Memories revisited


Remember the days when we were kids and that one thing which used to be the most amazing, craziest and colorful during spring time? Yes!!! Kite flying… Oh dear lord!! It creates a nostalgic feeling that brings back memories of childhood.

Today, I was so happy to see the mail from HR person in my company. She wrote that today (August 14) we are going to have kite flying competition. The thought of flying a kite brought a big smile to my face.

So, we did fly kites. I enjoyed the day and missed the old and golden days. Childhood was so much fun, right? Crazy time.

But I just hated the sun. It should have taken rest today.

Anyway, the day was awesome. On 15th of August, India’s Independence Day, kites flying is very popular in many parts of the country. Though, it is not necessary. Many people fly kites on Eid and on Basant Panchmi as well. And, it doesn’t matter when we do it, right? The thing which matters is we do it :D. I love the sky…the colorful sky.


When I was a kid, I used to be the one who would give kanni, because my brother and his friends were so cunning. And he never taught me. Idiot! But I just loved to be there, to be part of that game.

Although, I tried very hard and kept trying for many days. And finally, I learnt somehow and asked him one day to give kanni to my kite :).

And also, remember the competitions? It used to be much more fun to even watch others flying kites.

God!!! I just wish to be an angel sometimes and bring back that time. I hope that the God is listening to me (or reading this).

Images Courtesy: Google