Have You Seen Them?

Why most of the ghosts are so creepy in movies? Why my grandma never talked about such ghosts?

These were the thoughts that were boggling my mind last night after I watched “The Conjuring”, finally. Though, I am very sensitive and I DO, sometimes, scared of even little things like footsteps, door bells, air, rustle of the wind blowing through the leafs, phone-ring etc, still I like horror movies.


And while watching movies, I don’t scream when those scary scenes come or cover my eyes or something like that, which some of my friends do. When I was a kid, I used to feel dumb-founded and lost listening stories of ghosts.

I really have no intentions to hurt anyone by saying that I am not scared of those scenes. Actually, I believe in such stories as I my self experienced it once and I really feel sorry for the people or families who experience such things, like the family in The Conjuring movie.

When I was a kid, my grandma told me a lot of such stories, real ones. Really. I grew up in a small village. And it is said that peaceful places are home for ghosts. My village was so peaceful. My father, aunt, sisters, friends and other people I know have seen ghosts. Nowadays, these stories are rare. But yes, when I was little I heard a lot of stories.

I don’t know if someone would believe it or not, but according to my grandmother, my grandfather had “ghosts friends”. I was 1-year old when he passed away so I could not hear those stories from him. But, grandma and my father used to tell us umpteen number of stories about my grandfather and ghosts.


Wait wait wait… They were not in our house, like in the movies and were not the scary ones also. They, my grandfather and ghosts, used to meet in forests, in our farms, and only in nights.

I can’t deny it. Because, my father and my aunt had also seen them. And they (ghosts)  were so friendly, cool and had their own world. But they were so scared of fire and light. Grandma also told us that they look strange, some of them look too much strange, but they live just like us and want peace, darkness and loneliness.

My father told me once that when he first saw a ghost, he was coming back from somewhere in night. Then, he realized that someone is following him. When he looked back, there was no one. There was so much silence that he could listen to his own footsteps. Then he again looked back and this time there was a man, who soon turned into donkey and then a pig. My father was like shit!!! He ran and ran so deadly. And luckily, that thing, whatever it was, did not follow him.

He told this to my grandfather and he suggested that if he comes across anyone/anything like that he should not be afraid and just keep walking.

Like this, there were stories that my uncle used to tell us. He saw a ghost on tree and stopped going there alone. No one believed him. Then, my aunt saw the same woman ghost on the same tree. Later on, it was seen by many other people as well.

I believe they exist because I heard these stories from very reliable sources, mentioned above :).

Now, I don’t know what is the truth. I mean stories my grandma told me and stories in movies are totally different. Whatever, they (ghosts) should not hurt anyone. Nothing is gonna change whatever happened to them.

P.S.  I am writing all this just because I heard somewhere that ghosts can’t read or write. So, I just hope that is true and any ghost is not reading this post. If anyone of you knows that it is not true, I request you to let me know as soon as possible, so that I can remove this post. Pheewww.

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