I Am Not Rude, Just Scared Of Being Deceived

Dear new friends (boys),

Don’t get me wrong. I am not rude. I am just a bit scared of being deceived again. I used to be polite, I still am. I made so many friends and also got cheated by some of them. I still like making new friends. But I always had a question that why a boy and a girl can’t be good friends? WHY?

I think they can be good friends.


Therefore, I made so many friends, boys. And, unfortunately, everyone fell in love with me.

So, if I am talking to you so politely or nicely it doesn’t mean that I could be your potential girlfriend. I am talking to you just to prove that a girl and a boy can be good friends. I am an optimist and straight-forward person, who prefers transparency in every relationship and that is the reason I am telling you all this.

I respect one’s privacy and what’s wrong if I expect the same from the other person? My experience has taught me not to be too much polite and I am seriously not sad about it. I just can’t be fake. I am what I am. If you don’t like me then tell me. If I am doing something wrong then tell me. I would really appreciate that. We could be good friends. I promise I will be honest and value our friendship. But you also have to be serious and true about it.

I tell you a few things that you should not do:

  • Don’t ping me all the time and EVERYDAY
  • Don’t ask why I didn’t reply
  • Don’t ask why I was so busy and where I was so busy
  • Don’t tell me that you have been waiting for me to come online and talk
  • Don’t talk to me like I am your girlfriend
  • Don’t try to get so personal
  • Don’t ask me when did I reach office or home
  • Don’t try be too much caring for me
  • Don’t ask me what did I had in lunch
  • Don’t ask me where do I live exactly, like house number, if I have already told the place
  • Don’t ask me to come with you to your hometown
  • Don’t try to be so smart or fake, just remain what you are
  • Don’t lie, I can’t stand it

These are just few of them. You will get to know more with the passage of time. It depends, actually.

In the past, as I told, I met many friends who were good but did all this and put me in the “girlfriend-zone”. I mean come on, if I enjoy your company and having chit-chat with you, what’s wrong with that?

SO, try this with not only me but with other “girl” friends as well. Not necessarily all the points.